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A warm welcome to the School of Food and Agricultural Sciences (SFAS) at UMT!
SFAS was established with the sole aim of developing and applying the science and scholarship of agriculture, food, as well as human nutrition, and dietetics for the wider benefit of society through continued excellence in education, research, innovation, and professional development.  
To address the challenges and contemporary issues faced by the farmers, food industry professionals, and nutrition practitioners across Pakistan, the school integrates recent advances in food processing and agriculture, as well as human nutrition and dietetics in its curriculum, to produce professionals equipped with excellent academic and research skills, and who in turn can make significant contributions to the agricultural and food industries of Pakistan, Pakistan's economy and health and wellbeing of people of Pakistan. SFAS is an excellent destination for students interested in pursuing careers in food science, human nutrition and dietetics. Furthermore, our innovative teaching and research programs provide a diverse range of career opportunities for graduates across Pakistan and internationally.  
The school boasts world-class education and research facilities in the domain of food science and agriculture and human nutrition and dietetics, with the capability of addressing both domestic and national issues in these domains. The prime aim of these facilities is to enable and aid our crop of highly-skilled food science, and nutrition professionals in producing sustainable and innovative foods for an increasing population and delivering sophisticated, safe, and wholesome food along with health solutions to our community through continued research and development. Concurrently, environment, climate change, sustainability and socioeconomic challenges are gaining prominence and greater relevance in the context of agriculture, food, nutrition, business and policy-making.
With an excellent job placement rate, our distinguished and multi-faceted faculty equips graduates with class-leading knowledge and skills, crucial to succeeding in today’s global economy, as well as fostering curiosity, impact, and hypotheses-driven research. I welcome you to join SFAS and become a part of an exciting and rewarding journey.

Nauman Khalid, PhD, MEFFoST, MJSFE
Editor-in-Chief, Nutrition and Health
Associate Editor, Frontiers in Nutrition
Board Member, ACS Food Science and Technology
Nauman Khalid (

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