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BS Dairy Technology

CodeCourseTitleCr. HrsPrerequisite
DT-101 Reading Comprehension& Written/Critical Reading &Writing(EnglishI) 3(3-0) Compulsory
DT-103 Mathematics/Biology 3(2-1) Compulsory
DT-105 PakistanStudies/Pakistan Culture& Identity 3(3-0) Compulsory
DT-107 Introduction to Dairy Technology 3(2-1) Coresubject
DT-109 Introduction toFood Technology 3(2-1) Coresubject
Total 15

Semester II

CodeCourseTitleCr. HrsPrerequisite
DT-102 Verbal Communication/ Spoken English (EnglishII) 3(3-0) Compulsory
DT-104 Statistics 3(3-0) Compulsory
DT-106 IslamicStudies 3(3-0) Compulsory
DT-108 Compute rApplication Skills/IT 3(2-1) Compulsory
DT-110 FoodChemistry 3(2-1) Coresubject
DT-112 Food Microbiology 3(2-1) Coresubject
Total 18

Semester III

CodeCourseTitleCr. HrsPrerequisite
DT-201 Statistics-II 3(3-0) Coresubject
DT-203 Introductory Biochemistry 3(2-1) Compulsory
DT-205 Food Characterization 3(2-1) Coresubject
DT-207 Principles o f Milk Productionand Procurement 3(2-1) Coresubject
DT-209 Food Processing and Preservation 3(2-1) Coresubject
DT-211 Life and Learning 3(3-0) University requirement
Total 18

Semester IV

CodeCourseTitleCr. HrsPrerequisite
DT-202 Livestock Production 3(2-1) Coresubject
DT-204 Dairy Engineering 3(2-1) Coresubject
DT-206 Fermentation Technology 3(2-1) Coresubject
DT-208 Starter Culture & Fermented Milk Products 3(2-1) Coresubject
DT-210 Food Toxicology and safety 3(2-1) Coresubject
Total 15

Semester V

CodeCourseTitleCr. HrsPrerequisite
DT-301 Cheese Technology 3(2-1) Coresubject
DT-303 Food Biotechnology 3(2-1) Coresubject
DT-305 Introduction to Lactation Biology 3(2-1) Coresubject
DT-307 Fat Rich Dairy Products 3(2-1) Coresubject
DT-309 Food Analysis and Instrumentation 3(2-1) Coresubject
Total 15

Semester VI

CodeCourseTitleCr. HrsPrerequisite
DT-302 Beverage Technology 3(2-1) Coresubject
DT-304 Condensed & Dried Milk 3(2-1) Coresubject
DT-306 Thermodynamics 3(2-1) Coresubject
DT-308 Dairy Plant Designs 3(2-1) Coresubject
DT-310 Emerging Technologies in DairyIndustry 3(2-1) Coresubject
DT-212 Food Product Development 3(1-2) Coresubject
Total 18

Semester VII

CodeCourseTitleCr. HrsPrerequisite
DT-401 Enzyme Technology 3(2-1) Coresubject
DT-403 Ice-cream and Frozen Desserts 3(2-1) Coresubject
DT-405 Baby Milk Formulations and Production 3(2-1) Coresubject
DT-407 Unit Operationsin Food processing 3(2-1) Coresubject
DT-409 Instrumentation& Process Control 3(2-1) Coresubject
Total 15

Semester VIII

CodeCourse TitleCr. HrsPrerequisite
DT-402 Food Safety Standards 3(3-0) Coresubject
DT-404 Research Projects and Scientific Writing 3(3-0) Coresubject
DT-406 Food Quality Management 3(3-0) Coresubject
DT-408 Food Laws and Regulations 3(3-0) Coresubject
DT-410 Research Project/Internship 4(0-4) Coresubject
Total 16
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