Department of Human Nutrition and Dietetics

Human Nutrition and Dietetics is the application of the science of nutrition to the prevention and treatment of disease and the promotion of health at the individual and population level. The department of Human Nutrition and Dietetics of SFAS at UMT is committed to produce graduates with a background in the field of nutrition and dietetics who will be well-prepared to join the occupations including research, teaching, and clinical sides in research institutions, universities/colleges, and hospitals/private nutritional clinics. The department is aimed at offering the opportunity to provide the most complete educational experience in the domain
of nutrition sciences.
We at the department of human nutrition and dietetics emphasize to tailor the research and professional training for our graduates. The programs provide the opportunities to conduct research with a diverse faculty from different departments within the University. The department is helpful in understanding the different aspects of food and nutritional sciences such as food processing, preservation, dietary fiber, cancer, cardiovascular disease, maternal and child nutrition, phytochemicals, antioxidants, energy metabolism, exercise and nutrition, and nutrition education.

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