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MS Food Technology

Semester I
Codecourse titleCr. Hrs
FT-510 Applied Biochemistry 3(2-1)
Elective 1 3(3-0)
FT-506 Emerging Technologies in Food Processing     3(3-0)
Semester II
Codecourse titleCr. Hrs
FT-501 Advanced Food Chemistry                            3(2-1)
- Elective II 2(2-0)
- Elective III 3(3-0)
FT-515 Seminar 1(1-0)

Semester III
Codecourse titleCr. Hrs
FT-603 Research Design and Experimental Statistics 3(3-0)
- Elective IV 3(3-0)
Semester IV
Codecourse titleCr. Hrs
FT-601 Thesis                                                        6(0-6)
Total 30

List of Electives: FQ-501 Food Safety and Quality Management
FT-516 Food Enzymology
FT-505 Food Toxicology
FQ-503 Food Supply Chain Management
FT-502 Food Process Engineering
FT-607 Baking Science and Technology
FT-503 Advances in Food Microbiology
FT-605 Probiotics and Prebiotics
FT-608 Technology of Processed Meat
FT-609 Food Industrial Waste Management

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