Aims and Goals of SFAS

  • To produce highly skilled professionals in food and agricultural science and technology to serve the food and agro-based industries, research organizations and teaching institutions.
  • To establish and provide state of the art research facilities in advanced food process and agricultural technologies at international standards
  • To establish University-Industry links for the effective dissemination of analytical and synthetic knowledge developed in UMT.
  • To develop collaborative working relationships with international and local food and agricultural research institutions and industries by introducing student/staff exchange programs through MOUs.
  • To provide advisory and consultancy services to food and agro-based industries in Lahore and across the country.
  • To establish a state of the art facilities for new product development and analysis for enhancing innovative capability and capacities of agro-based food industries in Pakistan.
  • To design and arrange essential management training workshops and seminars for developing higher food safety and quality standards in Pakistan.
  • Be the first school to provide a globally recognized degree and specialization in developing halal food standards through international collaborations.
  • To provide excellent teaching and research facilities for developing and improving food safety standards of Pakistan
  • To provide diagnostic analysis of food products based upon ISO 17025 standards.
  • To organize international conferences and seminars for enhancing general public awareness about food safety and quality

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