About SFAS

School of Food and Agricultural Sciences (SFAS) at UMT aims to integrate recent advances in food processing and agriculture in order to produce professionals equipped with academic and research skills, and who in turn can make significant contributions to the agricultural and food industries of Pakistan, Pakistan's economy, and make a difference across the world economies as well. With an innovative teaching and research facility, SFAS acts as a pivotal bridge between the Ministry of National Food Security & Research (MNFSR), and the agriculture universities for the uplifting and progress of farming and food industries of Pakistan.

SFAS boasts world-class education and research facilities in the field of food science and agricultural technologies, with the capability of addressing the domestic and national issues in the domain of food and agricultural sciences. The prime aim of these facilities is to enable and aid our crop of highly-skilled food science professionals in producing and delivering safe and healthier food solutions to our community through continued research and development. More recently, SFAS has become an approved center of Highfield International UK ( for providing Food Safety Trainings (Level 1, 2, 3 and 4) in Pakistan, another step in achieving greater academic and research excellence.

SFAS continues to work in developing a collaborative network involving major stakeholders in the food industry (research organizations, food industry and universities) for the effective transfer of knowledge, and the translation of this knowledge into innovative product development solutions. Moreover, SFAS is working towards enhancing the research and innovation capacities and capabilities of the agro-food industry through international collaborations with distinguished research institutes and universities.


 Undergraduate Programs:

 BS Food Science & Technology

 BS Food Safety and Quality Management

 BS Human Nutrition and Dietetics

 Graduate Programs:

 MS Food Technology

 MS Food Quality Management

 Postgraduate Programs:

 PhD Food Technology

 PhD Human Nutrition and Dietetics

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