1 st International Conference on Emerging Trends in Functional Foods and Nutraceuticals

1. Patrons

 Dr. Asif Raza TI (M), HI (M), Rector, UMT

 Mr. Ibrahim Hasan Murad, President, ILM Trust and Board of Governors, UMT

 Mr. Abid H. K. Sherwani, Director General, UMT


2. Convener

Dr. Nauman Khalid, Director School of Food and Agricultural Sciences, UMT


3. Chief Coordinators

Dr. Hafiz Ubaid ur Rahman, Department of Food Science and Technology, SFAS, UMT

Dr. Rafiq Ahmad, Department of Food Science and Technology, SFAS, UMT

Dr. Rizwan-ur-Rehman, Department of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, SFAS, UMT

Dr. Zahoor Ahmed, Department of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, SFAS, UMT


       i. Overall planning, supervision, and financial management of the conference


4. Conference Secretary

Mr. Waqas Asghar, Department of Human Nutrition and Dietetics, SFAS, UMT


        i.   Plan academic and social programs/tours

       ii.   Oversee the development of conference programs booklet

       iii.   Issue initial program updates

       iv.   Communicate any updates/changes in the program to all concerned entities


5. Finance Secretary

Mr. Wahab Nazir, Department of Food Science and Technology, SFAS, UMT


        i.   Oversee the finance-related activities


6. Editorial Committee

Dr. Nauman Khalid (University of Management and Technology)

Dr. Asif Ahmad (Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi)

Dr. Amna Sahar (University of Agriculture Faisalabad)

Dr. Zaheer Ahmed (Allama Iqbal Open University)

Dr. Shinawar Waseem Ali (University of the Punjab)

Dr. Anwaar Ahmad (Pir Mehr Ali Shah Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi)

Dr. Mian Anjum Murtaza (University of Sargodha)

Dr. Umer Ijaz Ahmed (Mian Nawaz Sharif University of Agriculture Multan)

Dr. Ubaid ur Rahman (University of Management and Technology)

Mr. Waqas Asghar (University of Management and Technology)


        i. Content writing for the scope of the conference, call for papers

        ii. Compile author guidelines for submission of papers

        iii. Templates for papers/posters

        iv. Review of submitted papers before final presentation/submission

        v. Publication of conference proceedings/collaboration with any journal to publish the presented papers

        vi. Get feedback from participants for improvement


7. Invitation Committee

Dr. Hafiz Ubaid ur Rahman

Dr. Rizwan-ur-Rehman

Dr. Rafiq Ahmad

Mr. Waqas Asghar

Dr. Zahoor Ahmed


i. Search and invite plenary speakers and participants, and reminders for participation

ii. Send invitations to all concerned academic and research institutes for participation

iii. Send out appropriate thank you notes after the conference


8. Media and Website Committee

Mr. Rashid Iqbal

Mr. Wahab Nazir

Ms. Aqsa Akhtar

Dr. Sadia Aslam


    i. Develop content for the website (in collaboration with the editorial committee)

   ii. Design, and launch the website

  iii. Real-time updates on the website

  iv. Publicity campaign on electronic/print/social media


9. Reception Committee

Dr. Rafiq Ahmad

Mr. Rashid Iqbal

Dr. Zahoor Ahmed

Ms. Urooj Bakht


    i. Reception of guests (national and international)

   ii. Arrangement of hotels and accommodation for participants

  iii. Transportation to venue and accommodations

  iv. Arrangement of food and beverages during sessions

   v. Other related arrangements


10. Registration Committee

Mr. Rashid Iqbal

Ms. Urooj Bakht

Mr. Haris Ayub

Ms. Iram Aslam

Ms. Zoufishan Latif


    i. Registration of participants before/on conference date, managing and handing over conference material/cards, etc.

   ii. Print certificates for participants

  iii. Arrange souvenirs for distinguishing guest/plenary speakers


11. Finance and Marketing Committee

Mr. Wahab Nazir

Mr. Waqas Asghar

Mr. Rashid Iqbal

Ms. Aqsa Akhtar


    i. Arrange budget for conference

   ii. Collect funds from funding agencies and industry

  iii. Collaborate with other research and academic institutes


12. Event Scheduling Committee

Dr. Nauman Khalid

Dr. Ubaid ur Rahman

Dr. Rafiq Ahmad

Mr. Wahab Nazir          

Mr. Waqas Asghar


    i. Schedule the sessions based on selected papers and invited speakers

   ii. Allocate rooms for oral sessions

  iii. Audiovisual arrangements during the session

  iv. Manage poster exhibition

   v. Manage exhibition by vendors/industries

  vi. Maintain the security of the event with the help of OSSV officials and UMT Marshalls


13. Refreshment Committee

Mr. Wahab Nazir

Mr. Rashid Iqbal

Mr. Waqas Asghar


    i. Manage the refreshment, lunch, and dinner-related arrangements.

   ii. Seating arrangements for senior citizens

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