1st National Conference on Emerging Trends in Food Science and Nutrition

Poster Presentation Guidelines:

1. Please note that the posters must be formatted on A0 size having dimensions of 1189 mm x 841 mm.

2. Please bring your poster on first day of conference, we will facilitate you to display your poster at your allocated space and time (which will be emailed to you soon).

3. The presenter must be with his/her poster during visit of evaluation committee. 

4. Each poster will be allocated 5 min for presentation and 5 min for discussion.


Oral Presentation Guidelines:

N-ETFN will assist all speakers with:

1. Data projector for PowerPoint™ presentations

2. Laptop (no Macintosh™)

3. Clip microphone (main rooms only) 

4. Lecture microphone

5. Laser pointer

Important guidelines

1. If you submit a pre-recorded presentation video of your talk by the deadline, N-ETFN will use that as your presentation for display.

2. If you do not submit a presentation video, N-ETFN will asist you for smooth transfer before time.

3. Each speaker will be allocated 15 minutes for presentation, with first intimation after 10 min. Each speaker will be allocated 5 min for discussion.


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