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Sadia Aslam


School of Food and Agricultural Sciences

 : [email protected]     : +923347601300   

Sadia Aslam holds M.Sc (Hons) in Food Technology and has submitted PhD. thesis. Her research focuses on improvement of antioxidant potential of muscles foods via dietary supplementation of bioactive compounds.

  • Meat Science
  • Dietary strategies to improve the oxidative stability of muscle foods
  • Edible coatings to improve meat quality and safety
  • Evaluating the Preservation Potential of Protein Based Edible Coatings in Fresh Chicken Meat
  • Extraction and characterization of bioactive peptides/protein hydrolysate from fish waste and its utilization in broiler feed
Publication Type Title Journal Name Impact Factor Year of Publication
International Publications with impact factor (2.0 and above) Recapitulating the competence of novel & rapid monitoring tools for microbial documentation in food systems. LWT-Food Science and Technology 2.711 2016
International Publications with impact factor (less than 2.0) / JCR / SJR Pulsed Electric Field Technology in Food Preservation: A Review. Journal of Nutritional Health and Food Engineering 0.000 2017
Degree Name & Area Year University City,Country
PhD Scholar - Food Science & Technology University of Agriculture Pakistan
MS - Food Science & Technology University of Agriculture Pakistan
Position Start Date End Date
Lecturer, School of food and agriculture sciences 01-01-2019 Present
  • HEC indigenous fellowship
  • UAF merit Scholarship
  • Internal merit scholarship
  • Pakistan Society of Food Scientists and Technologists
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